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Umegaoka Sushi no MidoriTokyo

Japan is renowned as the home of sushi, and sushi also happens to be a personal favorite of mine. And for me, the best place in Tokyo to sample this culinary masterpiece is Umegaoka Sushi no Midori. I was just so impressed the first time I went there. I took many photos and posted them on social network sites. Lots of my friends enthused about the large, appetizing portions, and that made me realize the appeal of this restaurant.

One item you simply have to try here is kani miso salad (kani miso is the brown cream inside a crab shell). The dish is so wonderful that after trying it, you are absolutely certain to order it again. Other sushi items on the menu are just as delightful. The sweetness and freshness of the sushi here are equally as good as at Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Market. For ladies, the modestly priced medium-size portions are highly recommended. I am not at all surprised that this restaurant is so famous. I see long lines of customers queuing up every time I visit.

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