Crab dishes

In Hokkaido, King Crab, snow crab, and horsehair crab are the three most popular crab varieties.
Hokkaido's harvest of horsehair crab is the largest in Japan, with the majority of crabs caught in the Okhotsk Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Horsehair crabs can be eaten throughout the year, as the harvest season differs depending on the port. Meanwhile, the largest numbers of the fleshy King Crab are harvested at Wakkanai Harbor. Wakkanai King Crab is quite rare and is more expensive than other crab species or imported King Crab.

These crab dishes are available at both crab specialty restaurants and izakaya bars and hotel restaurants throughout Hokkaido.

Crab is mainly eaten boiled, grilled or as shabu shabu (hot pot), while the rich flavor of kani miso (brown meat or crab butter) goes well with Japanese sake. Sake can also be poured into the grilled crab shell and drunk from the shell. Other ways of enjoying crab include crab nabe (hot pot), crab zosui (porridge), creamy crab croquettes, crab miso gratin, and crab dim sim.

How to get there

By public transportation
From JR Kushiro Station, a 15-minute bus ride to Tottori Odori 5 Chome, then a 3-minute walk from the bus stop. 13 minutes by taxi from JR Kushiro Station.

Address: Kushiro Kani Honjin
Hotel Marshland 1F,
Tottori Odori 5-2-5, Kushiro City, Hokkaido

Airport: Kushiro Airport

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