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Attraction of Yokohama

While located near Tokyo, Yokohama with its unique streets with exotic ambience attracts many fans of its own. The history of this port town, Yokohama, dates back to 1859. Vestiges of foreign cultures remain in the foreign settlements such as Motomachi, Yamate, and Chinatown, and they make an attractive contrast with futuristic Minatto Mirai 21. Historic buildings that recall the good old days; the biggest Chinatown in Japan; Motomachi, a perfect place for shopping; Noge, an area where you can experience the different aspect of Yokohama; beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn leaves of Sankeien Garden; entertraining cruise tours and delicious food will definitely keep you interested and entertained.

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Many "Firsts in Japan" in Yokohama

Many influences of Western culture, initially brought by Commodore Matthew Perry who led America's Japan expeditionary force, first reached Japan in Yokohama, then spread throughout the country. Yokohama was introduced to the world as the entrance of Japan, and the Yokohama of today offers a wide range of cultural themes and artifacts. Japan's first railway was constructed to connect Yokohama to Shimbashi, Tokyo. The first ice cream introduced in Japan in 1869 at Bashamichi is said to have been produced by Fusazo Machida, and it was called "aisukurin." In 1889, the manager of the Grand Hotel thought up the first Japanese cocktail. "Gyunabe" (hot beef pot), similar to "sukiyaki," is also originated in Yokohama. By taking lessons from a crewmember cook of the French navy, some Yokohama locals learned to bake bread. Moreover, it was Yokohama that first produced and sold beer to the general public.

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Free Wi-Fi Service for Travelers from Overseas to Yokohama!

NTT East, Japan's oldest major telecommunications company is offering, for a limited time only, free Wi-Fi services specifically for overseas travelers who are traveling in Japan. A "free Wi-Fi Card" can be obtained in Yokohama until March 31, 2016.

Simply show your passport at the designated facilities mentioned below and receive your "Free Wi-Fi Card." The ID and Password is necessary at the access point with NTT East Wi-Fi signal. You will have free Internet access provided by NTT East for 14 days (336 hours). There are more than 800 access points within Yokohama and more than 33,000 points around East Japan.

Where to obtain the "Free Wi-Fi Card"
Just show your passport at the counter below to obtain the "Free Wi-Fi Card."
- Tourist Information Centers (Yokohama Sta, Minato Mirai Sta, Shin-Yokohama Sta. Yokohama Doll Museum)
- Yokohama Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal (Information Counter)
- Yokohama Takashimaya Department Store (Information Counter on the 1st floor)
- Yokohama Sogo Department Store (Concierge Desk on the 2nd basement floor)
- YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal)
- Yokohama Porta

Period of Distribution
Until March 31 (Thu), 2016

NTT East Access Point in Yokohama
Log-in using your ID/Password and make free use of Internet access provided by NTT East. There are more than 800 NTT EAST Wi-Fi signal access points in Yokohama. (As of November, 2013) Ex.: Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum, Zou-no-hana Terrace, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (Some areas at 2nd Building), YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal), Yokohama Sogo Department Store (Seagull Court on the 3rd floor) , Yokohama Porta

For more information
This page will open in a new windowhttp://flets.com/freewifi/service.html

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    Free Wi-Fi Card   Free Wi-Fi is available at the shops and facilities where this sticker is displayed

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Sightseeing Areas of Yokohama

Futuristic-looking Minato Mirai 21 lets you enjoy shopping and pursue entertainment. Also, some streets are lined with neat rows of nostalgic buildings such as Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, and tree-lined Nihon Odori Avenue is very beautiful. Ever since Yokohama opened the port to foreign ships for trade, "Motomachi" has been favored by many foreign shoppers, and between the 1960s and 70s "Motomachi" was considered synonymous with fashion among the young. After enjoying shopping, having a walk in popular sightseeing spots such as Harbor View Park, Yamashita Park, or Chinatown would be a great idea. Yokohama's unique blend of cultures and of past and present continues to attract and entertain people both day and night.

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Minato Mirai 21

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Conveniently Located

Yokohama lies 30 km south of Tokyo, and it does not take long to get there from the airport. Find out more information on tours.

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