Izumo Soba

Soba, or buckwheat noodles, long a staple of the Japanese diet, has found increasing popularity abroad in recent years thanks to its rich, nutty flavor and numerous health benefits. Whether you’re already a soba fan or you’ve yet to try this particular delicacy, Izumo soba is a local dish you won’t want to miss.

Known as one of the three most famous types of soba in Japan, Izumo soba is immediately distinguishable by its darker color. While other varieties of soba are made by polishing away the outer shell of the buckwheat before grinding, Izumo soba is made using the buckwheat in its entirety, husks and all. This makes it the soba equivalent of brown rice, with a richer flavor and added nutrients to match.

Izumo soba can be enjoyed in two styles: the chilled warigo soba and the hot kama-age soba. If you’re hungry, why not try both?

Warigo soba is traditionally served in three-layered lacquered bowls alongside soba broth and a variety of toppings that typically include shredded green onion, nori seaweed, bonito flakes, and more. Add the toppings you desire, pour on the dipping sauce, and enjoy! When you’re done, pour any remaining sauce into the next bowl, mix and match some different flavors, and repeat until you’re full.

Kama-age soba is served in hot broth with toppings, together with sauce that you can add as you like until you’ve achieved your desired taste. It’s sure to warm your body and soul!

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